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Movie Quote of the Day – I’m Not Rappaport, 1996 (dir. Herb Gardner)


Midge Carter: I just got to hang in till I get my Christmas tips. They just gotta keep me four more
Nat Moyer: Christmas?. Compromises?. How do you think we lost Poland?.
Midge Carter: Poland?.
Nat Moyer: Stalin sits at Yalta with a twinkle in his eye. Who knew?
Midge Carter: Stalin?.
Nat Moyer: Danforth has no right to dismiss you before your time.
Midge Carter: Man, I am eighty-one!
Nat Moyer: After we finish with him, tomorrow we go after the rest of his kangaroo court.
Midge Carter: Why, Lord?. Why are you doing this to me?. Lord, I ask you for help, and you send me a weird, commie, blind man!