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Movie Quote of the Day – Je Tu Il Elle, 1974 (dir. Chantal Akerman)


Julie: When I looked up suddenly… there were people walking in the street. I spilled all the sugar on the letters on the floor… and lay down again… and waited. I waited some more for it to pass or for something to happen – for me to believe in God or for you to send gloves for the cold.

A Year With Women: December 2015 in Films

What a year this was! I’m going to write a proper wrap up post for A Year With Women later today; this post is just to wrap up December. I crammed quite a few films into December as I saw the calendar days getting less and less, which led to quite some great discoveries, as well as viewing several films I’d been meaning to watch for years. As always, a list of everything I watched, plus some highlighted favorites can be found after the cut.


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