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Movie Quote of the Day – Una Hora Por Favora, 2011 (dir. Jill Soloway)


Elissa: It’s not that she wasn’t interested in opening up to other people, I think it was just more like she just wasn’t used to it. The thing about Kaitlyn is, when she got engaged to Ethan, we were all really happy for her. I mean we were just, it’s like we just totally knew that Ethan was the guy for her. It was so obvious. But then he turned out to be a total liar and she was just devastated. Just devastated. We all were. Devastated.
Arturo: She, uh, she’s your friend?
Elissa: Kaitlyn? No, no. She’s on The Bachelor.

Movie Quote of the Day – Afternoon Delight, 2013 (dir. Jill Soloway)


McKenna: My mom always told me I should surround myself with good people if I want good things to happen. I’m 55 days sober, so good people are really important.