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Movie Quote of the Day – Other Men’s Women, 1931 (dir. William A. Wellman)

Marie: Anything else you guys want?
Railroad worker at Lunch Counter: Yeah, gimme a big slice a’ you on toast, and some French-fried potatoes on the side.
Marie: Listen, baby, I’m A.P.O.
Railroad worker at Lunch Counter: [to the other railroad worker] What does she mean, A.P.O.?
Marie: Ain’t Puttin’ Out!

Movie Quote of the Day – Footlight Parade, 1933 (dir. Lloyd Bacon)

Nan Prescott: I’ve got an idea.
Chester Kent: Keep it to yourself, or the wife’ll cash in on it.
Nan Prescott: And when I’ve got an idea, I do something about it.
Chester Kent: Most dames do.

Movie Quote of the Day – Night Nurse, 1931 (dir. William A. Wellman)

Maloney: There’s only one guy in the world that can do a nurse any good and that’s a patient with dough! Just catch one of them with a high fever and a low pulse and make him think you saved his life and you’ll be getting somewhere.