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Movie Quote of the Day – The Punk Singer, 2013 (dir. Sini Anderson)


Kathleen Hanna: I think there’s this certain assumption that when a man tells the truth, it the truth. And when, as a woman, I go to tell the truth, I feel like I have to negotiate the way I’ll be perceived . Like, I feel like there’s always the suspicion around a woman’s truth, the idea that you’re exaggerating.

Female Filmmaker Friday: The Punk Singer, 2013 (dir. Sini Anderson)

For this week’s Female Filmmaker Friday, I’m actually going to write a bit about my favorite film from 2013: Sini Anderson’s The Punk Singer, which is a documentary about musician and activist Kathleen Hanna. The film just got released on DVD this week and is also available on Netflix, so you should spend the next 80 minutes watching it and then go out and change the world.

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