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Movie Quote of the Day – Border Radio, 1987 (dir. Allison Anders, Kurt Voss, Dean Lent)


Chris: Well, yeah. I’m the roadie, but I. . .I do a lot more than that. I, uh. . .I mean, I. . .I do a lot more than just set up equipment and stuff. I’m like a. . .Well, I’m more what you call a hands-on roadie. I’m basically Jeff’s right-hand man. And when he needs advice or somethin’, he comes to me. And. . .You know, like when he has trouble with Dean or something like that. Yeah, when Jeff’s up there onstage, it’s like a. . .It’s like a part of me is up there with him.
Man: Do you get paid?
Chris: Nah, I do it for rock. Rock’s much more important than money. It’s like a statement.
Man: A statement of what?
Chris: Well, it’s. . .Uh. . .I don’t know. It’s. . .It’s, uh. . .Well, it’s like when guys are rockin’ out onstage, you know. . .and they’re. . .they’re doin’ what they want and bein’ cool. That’s a statement.
Man: Well, how do you support yourself?
Chris: Well, that’s extraneous information.

Movie Quote of the Day – Things Behind the Sun, 2001 (dir. Allison Anders)


Denise: You know what some of the guys around here are calling you? Captain Save-a-ho.
Chuck: Save-a-ho? I might be that, but she’s not that. She’s not that. She’s special. She’s a special lady.