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Movie Quote of the Day – The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter, 1980 (dir. Connie Field)


Lola Weixel: I now that lots of the women who went to training with me and worked with me believed that we were the new woman. We believed it. I think to America at large, while they may have known what our contribution was to the production of this country, we were largely a joke. A big joke. A shapely girl with a hot sign on her pants, a girl who was quivering for her man to come home and go back to the kitchen. That’s exactly the picture that was given. And I think that they prepare women psychologically for whatever role the society feels at that particular point they want her to play. After losing so many men, America wanted babies. And we wanted babies. It’s okay. But we gave up everything for that. We gave up everything.