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Movie Quote of the Day – Forces of Nature, 1999 (dir. Bronwen Hughes)


Ben: You will be here when I come back, won’t you ?
Sarah: Oh, well, you know me.
Ben: I would not presume. [ Exhales ] All right. Wish me luck.
Sarah: Ben, do me a favor and just forget about luck, okay? Forget about loyalty, forget about being nice, forget about polite, okay? Because this is the rest of your life and possibly somebody else’s too.
Ben: Yeah.
Sarah: You know?
Ben: Yeah.
Sarah: Just be honest.
Ben: If her father happens to shoot me on my way out, I guess I’ll see you in heaven.
Sarah: Yeah. I don’t think I deserve heaven.
Ben: Ah, Sarah. You deserve so much more than you think. You deserve to be with somebody who will be really, really depressed if your plane goes down.