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Movie Quote of the Day – Cover Girl, 1944 (dir. Charles Vidor)


Maribelle Hicks:  Now, just a minute. You’re a perfectly enchanting person, Mr. Coudair. Not even bad looking, in a strange sort of way, but I have an engagement and it’s not with you.

Movie Quote of the Day – I’ll Be Seeing You, 1944 (dir. William Dieterle)

Zachary Morgan: I need you, Mary. I want to feel that you need me.
Mary Marshall: Oh, I do. I do.
Zachary Morgan: I’ll be right here. I’ll be right here waiting. I’ll be all well by then. Ready to make a new start, too.

Movie Quote of the Day – Gilda, 1946 (dir. Charles Vidor)

Ballin Mundson: Gilda, are you decent?
Gilda: Me?
Gilda: Sure. I’m decent.