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Movie Quote of the Day – Munich, 2005 (dir. Steven Spielberg)


Robert: So you’re really gonna kill her? All this blood comes back to us.
Avner: Eventually it will work. Even if it takes years, we’ll beat them.
Robert:  We’re Jews, Avner. Jews don’t do wrong because our enemies do wrong.
Avner: We can’t afford to be that decent anymore.
Robert:  I don’t know that we ever were that decent. Suffering thousands of years of hatred doesn’t make you decent. But we’re supposed to be righteous. That’s a beautiful thing. That’s Jewish. That’s what I knew, that’s what I was taught. And now I’m losing it, and I lose that,
Avner: That’s.  .  .
Robert: That’s.  .  .that’s everything. That’s my soul.