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Rom-Coms, Westerns, and Comic Con: July 2013 in Films

My movie watching dropped a bit in July. There are a few factors leading to this: 1) I watched the whole third season of Archer and the whole third season on Parenthood, 2) I was in San Diego for Comic Con and that same weekend flew up to S.F. for literally 24 hours attend a friend’s wedding and 3) I’ve been working on a new screenplay. All of those things take time, okay! I did, however, see quite a few new releases in theatres, as well as some rep stuff. I saw Schrader’s American Gigolo  and Light Sleeper at UCLA and on Monday I am seeing his newest effort The Canyons there and he’s going to be in attendance! I also went to the Oscars Outdoors screening of Blazing Saddles. And, in case you missed it, I started a new Tumblr where I will be discussing rom-coms and why I think they are often overlooked and unfairly dismissed.  That said, below, as always, are the films I did watch last month and a few highlights.


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