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Movie Quote of the Day – She’s All That, 1999 (dir. Robert Iscove)


Mackenzie Siler: So who’s the lucky rebound skank?
Zach Siler: Rebound skank ?
Mackenzie Siler: Well, there’s gotta be somebody, right ?
Zach Siler: I wouldn’t say somebody. But there is sort of a project.
Mackenzie Siler: Project ?
Zach Siler: Yeah. To tell you the truth, she kind of, uh– she kind of blew me off.
Mackenzie Siler: I like her already.
Zach Siler: Well, the only thing I can figure is it’s gotta be some kind of mistake.
Mackenzie Siler: Zach, I realize it’s a difficult concept for a bitch magnet such as yourself to grasp, but did it ever occur to you to make a little effort ?
Zach Siler: What do you mean ?
Mackenzie Siler: Find out where she hangs out. Find out what she likes.