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Movie Quote of the Day – True Love, 1989 (dir. Nancy Savoca)


Michael: I would bet you that that happens a lot more often than you think, you know? You know, some guys goes and marries some whacko and then he becomes a whacko and then his whole life goes and becomes a living hell, you know?
Dom: Mikey! What are you thinking, huh? Huh? You comparing this to you and Donna? You’re nuts, buddy.
Michael: You’ve never been in this situation, Dom. With a wedding and all. Forget about it. Suddenly everything becomes very, very complicated. You know, it’s like, she’ll talk to me and she tells me stuff and she says it’s important and I don’t even know what the fuck she’s talking about. It really makes you feel like you’re losing control.
Dom: Mikey, you ain’t losing control over nothing. You’re getting married. A person’s gotta adjust to certain things.
Michael: What if I can’t adjust?
Dom: When you’re in love with somebody, you adjust.
Michael: Dom, I just don’t want to end up hating my life.
Dom: You’re not going to end up hating anything. So forget about it, all right?