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Movie Quote of the Day – Mrs. Soffel, 1984 (dir. Gillian Armstrong)


Kate: Soffel: Don’t you let them take me alive, Ed. Promise me. Promise me, Ed.
Ed Biddle: I won’t, I promise. I won’t let them take you.

Movie Quote of the Day – Smithereens, 1982 (dir. Susan Seidelman)


Paul: You know everything, don’t you?
Wren: No. Just everything important.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Painted Veil, 2006 (dir. John Curran)

Kitty Fane: It’s raining cats and dogs.
Kitty Fane: I said it’s raining cats and dogs.
Walter Fane: Yes, I heard you.
Kitty Fane: You might have answered.
Walter Fane: I suppose I’m not used to speaking unless I’ve something to say.
Kitty Fane: If people only spoke when they had something to say, the human race would soon lose the power of speech.