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Movie Quote of the Day – Ginger & Rosa, 2012 (dir. Sally Potter)


Roland: The only life is the one we have now which is why we must seize it and live while we have the chance.

Female Filmmaker Friday: Orlando, 1992 (dir. Sally Potter)

We’re entering the third month of the Female Filmmaker Friday feature. I hope I have introduced y’all to some great cinema and hope to keep doing for a long time! The more I read about the abysmal numbers of women behind the scenes in cinema, the more I realize we need to rally around the few who have gotten to make films, make them as well-known as their male contemporaries and ignite a spark in the younger generation of women to carry the torch and not give up. If I help in that in any way, I will. That said, this week I am writing about Sally Potter’s Orlando, which I just saw for a first time a few weeks back. I used to own the Virginia Woolf book on which it is based, but somehow never read it.


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Movie Quote of the Day – Orlando, 1992 (dir. Sally Potter)


First Official: One :You are legally dead, and therefore cannot hold any property whatsoever.
Orlando: Ah. Fine.
First Official: Two: You are now a female.
Second Official: Which amounts to much the same thing.