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Movie Quote of the Day – The Steel Trap, 1952 (dir. Andrew L. Stone)


Jim: We’ve only so many days, so many hours, so many minutes to live and we’re suckers if we don’t cram into them all the happiness we can, regardless of how we do it!

Movie Quote of the Day – The Actress, 1953 (dir. George Cukor)


Annie Jones: Ruth, why don’t you give up this going on the stage business and settle down with a nice man?
Ruth Gordon Jones: Oh, mama, don’t be disgusting!

Hitchcock Blogathon: Shadow of a Doubt

This year’s Film Preservation Blogathon has a Hitchcock connection, click here to read all about it, thus I decided to write about Shadow of a Doubt. Partly because it is my favorite Hitchcock film and partly because today is Joseph Cheshire Cotten’s birthday. It’s a win-win. Look for the banner at the end of this post to donate to the cause.

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