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Movie Quote of the Day – The Producers, 1968 (dir. Mel Brooks)


Leo Bloom: I’m hysterical! I’m having hysterics! I’m hysterical! I can’t stop when I get like this, I can’t stop! I’m hysterical! I’m wet! I’m wet! I’m hysterical and I’m wet! I’m in pain and I’m wet and I’m still hysterical!

Guest Post: Movie Quote(s) of the Day from

Hello, Cinema Fanatics!

I’m here to tell you a little bit about a new quotations website and database called Quotables. We’ve taken the traditional quotations dictionary and transformed it into social, simple to use resource for the Web. Quotables makes sure your favourite quotes are never forgotten, keeping your quote collection in one place and making it easy to share your favourite quotes with your friends.

We’re also big film buffs, and delighted that Marya agreed to have us. Here are our Top 10 classic film quotes. We’ve picked our favourites and removed the cliches. Enjoy!

1. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

— Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride,

2. Are you crying? Are you crying? ARE YOU CRYING? There’s no crying! THERE’S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!

— Jimmy Dugan, A League of Their Own,

3. You don’t know how hard it is being a woman looking the way I do…I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way.

—Jessica Rabbit, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

4. That’s quite a nice little nothing you’re almost wearing. I approve.

— James Bond, Diamonds are Forever,

5. And on the third day, God created the Remington bolt-action rifle, so that Man could fight the dinosaurs. And the homosexuals.

— Homeschooled Boy, Mean Girls,

6. Vivian: Nice costume.

Elle: I like your costume too. Except when I dress up as a frigid bitch, I try not to look so constipated.

— Elle Woods, Legally Blonde,

7. Not many people know it, but the Fuhrer was a terrific dancer.

— Franz Leibkind, The Producers,

8. Kurt: I’m Kurt. I’m eleven. I’m incorrigible.

Maria: Congratulations.

Kurt: What’s “incorrigible”?

— Kurt Von Trapp, The Sound of Music,

9. Max Fischer: I like your nurse’s uniform, guy.

Dr. Peter Flynn: These are O.R. scrubs.

Max Fischer: O, R they?

— Max Fischer, Rushmore,

10. WE ARE SEX BOB-OMB! We are here to make you think about death and get sad and stuff.

— Kim Pine, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,