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Movie Quote of the Day – What Happened Was…, 1994 (dir. Tom Noonan)


Jackie: So now I just come home.
Michael: To your lonely apartment.
Jackie: You know what it’s like.
Michael: No.

February 2013 in Films: Altman, Shorts, Silents and Documentaries, Oh My!

So February started out on a sour note, with my hard drive on my computer dying on me. Lucky for me, I had just backed everything up on my external for my trip to NYC, so I only lost a few things. The month got better though. I’ve got two months left in this semester and then a summer and then one more semester this fall and I will have an M.F.A. in Screenwriting, so that is boss. I’ve got a couple of feature scripts I am working on that I am really happy with and a few more ideas I hope to tackle soon. Finger crossed guys! As for film watching, I don’t think I saw any “new releases” in theatres, but I did see a few things at the Castro Theatre. I saw several films I’d seen before, but never on the big screen: Nashville, Random Harvest, and several that I had never seen before: Ikiru (more on that later), Modern Romance and attended the S.F. Silent Film Festival’s Winter Event: Snow White (1924), Buster Keaton shorts (always a treat!), The Thief of Bagdad (I first saw this at TCMFF last spring), My Best Girl (more on this after the cut) and F. W. Murnau’s Faust. As the title of this month’s post suggests, I saw several Robert Altman films again this month (I keep trying to watch all of his films, but he made too many!), I will be writing about one of them after the cut. I also saw several great documentaries this month and will be cheating a little bit because of how great they were. I also watched most of the Oscar nominated shorts, and must say they definitely choose the right films for animated and live-action shorts. Anyways, as always, a full list of what I watched is after the cut.

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