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A Handful of Films: May 2016 in Films

May was another slow month for me. I think once I get more adjusted to my move (and actually get completely unpacked!) I’ll get more into the groove of watching films again. I only saw  10 (ten!) new-to-me movies in May. Although I did a lot of re-watching; revisiting films I hadn’t seen in year like Girl, Interrupted reminded me why it meant so much to 20-something me and Autumn In New York reminded me that it is still not a very good film. I also re-watched favorites such as Bridget Jones’s Diary, The Longest Day, The Best Years of Our Lives, and The Big Parade. I’m also thisclose to finishing my Mad About You complete series re-watch before my 30th birthday. Lastly, I revamped my 100 Favorite Movies (As Of Right Now) list. As always, you can see everything I watched in May after the cut.


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