Bigelow Wins DGA

KATHRYN WON YOU GUYS. SHE WON. I am so happy about this. SO HAPPY.

So what does this mean for Oscar? Well, the winner of the DGA has gone on to win Best Director at the Academy Awards  58 of the last 60 years. This is one of the few precursors that tend to accurately predict how Oscar will go. 

I see a glass ceiling shattering on March 7th. I really do.

Also, The Hurt Locker won the PGA. and now the DGA. We have to wait and see the outcome of the WGA. But this could be what this film needs to knock Avatar off its track.

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  1. I love the sound of shattering glass.

  2. It would make me so unbelievably happy to see her, and The Hurt Locker, derail Avatar. I enjoyed it as I watched it, but the more I think about it as time passes, I’ve started to hate it.

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