Thoughts on the Oscar Nominations

Here’s a look at the Best Picture nominees and how many Oscars they’re up for:

  • Avatar – 9 
  • The Blind Side – 2
  • District 9 – 4
  • An Education – 3
  • The Hurt Locker – 9
  • Inglourious Basterds – 8
  • Precious – 6
  • A Serious Man – 2
  • Up – 5
  • Up In The Air – 6

I’m really excited about this tie of noms between The Hurt Locker and Avatar. I really hope The Hurt Locker kicks that film’s ass.

So one thing, I think it’s a shame that (500) Days of Summer and The Hangover were completely shut out and The Blind Side got a Best Picture nomination. That just seems so wrong to me.

I’m happy to see nominations for Penelope Cruz and Maggie Gyllenhaal (even though I’ve yet to see their films) because they are two of my current favorite actresses. 

My predictions weren’t too off.

  • Best Picture: 7/10
  • Director: 5/5
  • Actor: 5/5
  • Actress: 5/5
  • Sup Actor: 5/5
  • Sup Actress: 3/5 (except the two that got it were my alternates)
  • Adapted Screenplay: 3/5
  • Original Screenplay: 3/5 (but one of the two was an alternate)
  • Cinematography: 4/5
  • Animated Feature: 4/5

Now my goal is to see all the feature films that are nominated (except maybe Foreign film, because living where I live, that is way too hard). I’ve got a little over a month to watch them. I’ve seen 9/10 Best Picture nominees (just missing A Serious Man). All in all I’m missing about 14 films. I think I can do it!

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  1. My plan is to try and watch as many of the nominees as possible too! Good luck, hope you can do it.

  2. yankeefrommississippi (Shannon)

    I’m planning on watching as many as I can. Of the BP nominees, I still have to see The Blind Side, A Serious Man, and Precious. And then there are a few more I’d like to see as well. I know I won’t get to most of the documentaries or foreign films, but I can probably find the rest playing somewhere close by.

    • I live in the middle of nowhere (quite literally) so I’m gonna have to rely on online screeners and netflix. but of the Best Pictures I’m only missing “A Serious Man” so that’s great. There’s 15 films I really wanna see before March 7th. 15 in 34 days…I think I can do it!

  3. Technically Gerlach is the middle of nowhere. But you are resourceful and I know you will be able to see what’s left on your plate. I was really behind your idea that The Hangover deserved a nomination – or even a win :). As Sam Rubin said this morning, the Academy is a different level of stuffy. So I’m going to get behind The Hurt Locker. In fact I think I am going to order it from Amazon today.

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