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It’s Gay! September 2018 in Films

September was quite a month for 2018 films. I saw 2 or 3 new releases in theaters each weekend, plus I screened a bunch of films from this year’s Out On Film LGBTQ film festival here in Atlanta. Several of the new release films I saw this month might just make my end of the year list. There’s just so much good cinema all year round! I also hosted a silent film triple feature here at the Plaza Theatre, which was a dream come true. I’m hoping to do more of that in the next few months so if you live in the area do come out. As always, you can see everything I watched last month after the cut, plus I highlight some favorites.

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Movie Quote of the Day – The Oracle, 1985 (dir. Roberta Findlay)


Jennifer: Are these spirits like dead people?
Occult Store Owner: They aren’t like dead people, they are dead people. Or demons.

Movie Quote of the Day – Re-Animator, 1985 (dir. Stuart Gordon)


Dan Cain: [Dan’s cat has died and been found in Herbert’s refrigerator] You couldn’t call, or write a note?
Herbert West: I was busy pushing bodies around as you well know and what would a note say, Dan? “Cat dead, details later”?

Movie Quote of the Day – Into the Night, 1985 (dir. John Landis)


Ed: Are we under arrest, or what?
Federal Agent: I’d say you fall into the “or what” category.

Movie Quote of the Day – Rocky IV, 1985 (dir. Sylvester Stallone)


Rocky: Going in one more round when you don’t think you can – that’s what makes all the difference in your life.


Movie Quote of the Day – Enemy Mine, 1985 (dir. Wolfgang Petersen)


Davidge: “If one receives evil from another, let one not do evil in return. Rather, let him extend love to the enemy, that love might unite them.” I’ve heard all this before. . .in the human Taalmaan.
Jerry: Of course you have. Truth is truth.


Movie Quote of the Day – Desperately Seeking Susan, 1985 (dir. Susan Seidelman)


Cigarette Girl: Susan! My God, we thought you were dead.
Susan: No, just in New Jersey.

Movie Quote of the Day – Fool For Love, 1985 (dir. Robert Altman)


May: You have no right to be jealous of me. Not after all the bullshit I’ve been through.
Eddie: We got a pact. Remember that?
May: We haven’t got anything any more.
Eddie: Is that right? How come you’re so excited?
May: I’m not excited!
Eddie: Yeah, you are. You’re beside yourself.
May: You’re drivin’ me crazy, that’s why.
Eddie: You know we’re connected, May. We’ll always be connected. That was decided a long time ago.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Goonies, 1985 (dir. Richard Donner)


Irene Walsh: Pants and shirts are in the second. . . just, just throw them all into cardboard boxes. Forget the suitcases. Clark, can translate all that?
Mouth: Certainly Mrs. Walsh.
Irene Walsh: Oh, that’s wonderful.
Mouth: [in Spanish] The marijuana goes in the top drawer. The cocaine and speed go in the second drawer. And the heroin goes in the bottom drawer. Always separate the drugs.

Movie Quote of the Day – Mask, 1985 (dir. Peter Bogdanovich)


Rocky Dennis: You look like Alice. You know, in Wonderland.
Diana Adams: No, what does she look like?
Rocky Dennis: You.