Movie Quote of the Day – Roger Dodger, 2002 (dir. Dylan Kidd)

Nick: It always drives me nuts when I hear a guy going on about something a girl does that’s supposed to be so sexy.
Andrea: Like what kind of thing?
Nick: I don’t know. Like how she flips her hair. How she stands with one foot to the side. It could be anything.
Roger: What’s wrong with that?
Nick: Because that’s nothing. That’s just something she does. And she probably only does it because she saw it in a movie. It’s not real. It’s not their real stuff.
Roger: All that stuff– the hair flips, the mannerisms, the catch phrases. They add up to the personality. So they are what’s real.
Nick: Yeah, but it’s all the outside stuff. That’s fiine in the beginning. You need the outside stuff. You need, like, the reasons to be in love. But I think you can get past that. I think you can get to the part where the little tricks don’t mean anything.
Roger: I say you are attracted to what is in front of you. End of story.
Andrea: How romantic.
Nick: It takes years and years together.
Roger: Yeah?
Nick: I can’t describe it exactly but it’s like there’s nothing she can do. All her usual ways of hooking you in have no effect and yet you’re still in love. It’s like the act is over and you get to the part she’s been hiding. And she’s been hiding it because she thinks that’s the part that’s gonna blow it or make you leave or get bored or whatever, but you get to that part, and you’re still there. And you’re even more in love.
Andrea: Wow.
Roger: Have you met my nephew? His name is Jesus.

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