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Movie Quote of the Day – Zombieland, 2009 (dir. Ruben Fleischer)


Bill Murray:  Is that you say hello where you come from?
Columbus: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, I can’t believe I shot Bill Murray.
Tallahassee: Mr. Murray?
Bill Murray: I’m just Bill, I think, now.
Tallahassee: Bill?
Bill Murray: Yeah?
Tallahassee: I don’t think we’re gonna be able to stitch this.
Bill Murray: Ah. That’s still tender.
Tallahassee: You think you might pull through?
Bill Murray: No.
Columbus: If it means anything now, I am so sorry. It was just instinctive.
Bill Murray: It was my bad. I was never a very good practical joker.
Little Rock: So do you have any regrets?
Bill Murray: “Garfield,” maybe.

“The Social Network” Sweeps Boston Society of Film Critics Awards

Jesse Eisenberg, David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin all received awards. They also pushed Christian Bale even further into frontrunner status, naming him Best Supporting Actor of the year. Juliet Lewis is still in the mix, winning Best Supporting Actress of the year for Conviction.

Best Picture

The Social Network

Runner up: Toy Story 3

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Movie Quote of the Day – Adventureland, 2009 (dir. Greg Mottola)

James Brenna: I’m not even qualified for manual labor. I majored in Comparative Literature and Renaissance Studies. Unless someone needs help restoring a fresco, I’m practically useless.

Movie Quote of the Day – Roger Dodger, 2002 (dir. Dylan Kidd)

Nick: It always drives me nuts when I hear a guy going on about something a girl does that’s supposed to be so sexy.
Andrea: Like what kind of thing?
Nick: I don’t know. Like how she flips her hair. How she stands with one foot to the side. It could be anything.
Roger: What’s wrong with that?
Nick: Because that’s nothing. That’s just something she does. And she probably only does it because she saw it in a movie. It’s not real. It’s not their real stuff.
Roger: All that stuff– the hair flips, the mannerisms, the catch phrases. They add up to the personality. So they are what’s real.
Nick: Yeah, but it’s all the outside stuff. That’s fiine in the beginning. You need the outside stuff. You need, like, the reasons to be in love. But I think you can get past that. I think you can get to the part where the little tricks don’t mean anything.
Roger: I say you are attracted to what is in front of you. End of story.
Andrea: How romantic.
Nick: It takes years and years together.
Roger: Yeah?
Nick: I can’t describe it exactly but it’s like there’s nothing she can do. All her usual ways of hooking you in have no effect and yet you’re still in love. It’s like the act is over and you get to the part she’s been hiding. And she’s been hiding it because she thinks that’s the part that’s gonna blow it or make you leave or get bored or whatever, but you get to that part, and you’re still there. And you’re even more in love.
Andrea: Wow.
Roger: Have you met my nephew? His name is Jesus.

David Fincher’s “The Social Network” Eloquently Defines A Generation

I started college in August of 2004 at the University of California, Berkeley. At that point Facebook was only at a handful of universities, Cal being one of them. In September 2004 the first of several lawsuits were filed against Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. At that point everyone I knew at college, which was not many people, had a Facebook profile. Actually it was still called “The Facebook” in the URL. I shared this story because having been through practically all the changes Facebook has gone through in the last six years, made watching David Fincher’s new film The Social Network like reliving college all over again. There were so many little things, Eisenberg on his LiveJournal among others, that made me have little tinges of nostalgia for a time that isn’t really even all that long ago. I was sort of amazed that Fincher and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin were able to capture the essence of my generation, an essence I have been trying to explain to my father for years now, so effortlessly while themselves being so removed from it. Really though, Fincher is so good a recreating eras it’s not all that surprising.

Minor spoilers after the cut.

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First Full Trailer for “The Social Network”

It looks SO GOOD. I cannot wait for this film. You can see the trailer here at Yahoo! Movies.

Teaser Trailer for David Fincher’s “The Social Network”

It’s here! I so do not want to wait until October for this movie!

This trailer doesn’t show much of the film, but it surely does make me want more!

Poster for David Fincher’s “The Social Network”

I am beyond excited for this movie. David Fincher is one of my favorite directors and Jesse Eisenberg is one of the top up and coming actors working today. This poster is so fabulous. I cannot wait for the trailer to break.

15 Breakthrough Performers of 2009

2009 was a good year for cinema. So good I had to have a Top 15 instead of a Top Ten (and now, after I’ve seen a lot of the End of the Year fare, I feel like I’d need a Top Twenty). There were some newcomers who blew us away and some actors/actresses who have been kicking around Hollywood for years waiting for That Movie that makes them a household name, and for them 2009 was that year. I’m going to do this list in alphabetical order by last name.

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BAFTA Nominations Are In

There are a few odd things in this list, but keep in mind these are for Britain, so some films that are eligible for Oscar haven’t been released there yet. 

The one thing that is certain is Jeremy Renner is closer now to being a lock for a Best Actor nomination by the Academy.

Full list of nominees and my analysis after the cut.

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