New Posters For The Tourist, Rabbit Hole, Morning Glory and The Way Back

I cannot wait to see all of these movies. They each have the potential to be amazing, though they’re all such different genres. They also star a plethora of people I love.

The Tourist is set to open on December 10th, Rabbit Hole is set to open on December 17th, Morning Glory on November 10th and The Way Back is set for a limited release onDecember 29, 2010, wide on January 21, 2011.

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  1. Firstly, The Tourist. I didn’t like the trailer but I’m a great fan of Johhny Depp and I like Angelina, so evidently I want to see it, too, although I doubt that the film can be successful. Secondly, Rabbit Hole. I adore many parts that Kidman picks. This one looks very touching, that’s why I can’t wait. Thirdly, don’t know much about Morning Glory but the cast speaks for itself.

    Not sure about the release dates in my country though.

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