POLL: Which (First Half of the Year) 2011 Film Are You Most Excited For?

This is just for January through June releases. I’ll do another poll in June for July through December releases. Keep in mind a lot of the big summer movies open in July, so that’s why they aren’t on this poll. Personally, the only 2011 release that matters for me is Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life. What about y’all?

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  1. I said Jane Eyre, but I’m pretty psyched for Biutiful and The Tree of Life, too. And then sort of apprehensively/timidly excited for X-Men: First Class (such a good cast, damn) and the new Pirates movie (I hated the third, but this one looks like it might be fun). Also, Rio, for Jesse Eisenberg’s awkward beautiful voice. Aaaand Red Riding Hood for mockery and hilarious Twilight parallels. …I just like movies okay.

    • Why did I italicize Twilight and nothing else? Do I subconsciously respect that movie more than I thought I did?

      • haha. Erin iluuu. I didn’t know Jesse Eisenberg was in Rio. I’m also sort of really excited for Rango. It just looks so silly. and Timothy Olyphant plays THE SPIRIT OF THE WEST. How can I not be excited for that?!

      • Yup. Have you seen the trailer? It’s basically just Jesse getting his neuroses all over the place. FLYING IS SCARY I CANNOT FLY OH MY GOD WE’RE ABOUT TO START FLYING OH NO I’M SO FRIGHTENED AND ALSO THAT OTHER BIRD IS PRETTY.

        Did I write this movie, or what?

        I did not know that Olyphant did a voice in Rango. Suddenly I’m much more excited!

  2. I voted for Tree of Life though I’m also looking forward to Soderbergh’s Haywire. I’ve already seen Kiarostami’s Certified Copy but I want to see it again and it’s a candidate for 2011’s Top 10

  3. The Tree of Life is easily my most anticipated movie of the year. I love all of Malick’s movies and after reading the script for the Tree of Life, I was sold!

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