Movie Quote of the Day – The Thin Man, 1934 (dir. W.S. Van Dyke)

Nora Charles: How many drinks have you had?
Nick Charles: This will make six Martinis.
Nora Charles: [to the waiter] All right. Will you bring me five more Martinis, Leo? Line them right up here.

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  1. As a THIN MAN fan, I enjoyed your quote of the day! If you’re interested, I’ve written blogs about THE THIN MAN ( and AFTER THE THIN MAN Keep those great quotes coming!

  2. Hi! I have a song question about “The Thin Man 1934”, During the scene where Joe Morelli is in Julia Wolf`s Appartment, And the Thin Man (Can`t remember his name!) walks in, There is a Great medely playing on the radio, And is played all through the scene when the thin man questions Julia about the missing money. What is this song, or songs titles? I just LOVE the music in this scene! I wish I could find a copie of it!!! Thank You so much for any help You can give Me. Best Regards

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