Movie Quote of the Day – Animal Kingdom, 2010 (dir. David Michôd)

Janine ‘Smurf’ Cody: Hey Randall, before you go on, this boy who’s currently being looked after, tell me if you agree with this, this boy who’s being looked after – he knows who you are. And you know how these things go. They’ll ask him all sorts of questions, about everything he’s ever seen or done and everyone he’s ever met. The whole shemozzle. And you’ve done some bad things, sweetie. . .haven’t you?

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  1. She’s SUCH a bad-ass. When I saw the quote was from Animal Kingdom, I suspected it might include “You’ve done some bad things, sweetie.” It’s such a great quote – why can’t we get it to catch on the States like “Why so serious?” or “That’s a bingo”?

  2. Fuckin’ A! When I finally saw this film a few weeks after we discussed it, I thought back to what you said about Weaver’s performance…and lordy were you ever spot-on.

    Great choice to kick off the weekend.

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