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Movie Quote of the Day – Archipelago, 2010 (dir. Joanna Hogg)


Christopher: It’s great to get this kind of degree of chaos. ‘Cause chaos gives ideas which you may not have found if you’d tried to control it completely.
Patricia: Oh. yeah. Well, that’s forever going to be the difficult part for me.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Runaways, 2010 (dir. Floria Sigismondi)


Marie Currie: Mom’s gonna kill you. It really looks terrible.
Cherie Currie: Good.

Movie Quote of the Day – Winter’s Bone, 2010 (dir. Debra Granik)


Megan: What are we ever gonna do with you, baby girl?
Ree: Kill me I guess.
Megan: That idea’s been said already. Got any others?
Ree: Help me.  Ain’t nobody said that idea yet, have they?

Movie Quote of the Day – The Greatest, 2010 (dir. Shana Feste)


Ryan: Are you really pregnant?
Rose: Yeah.
Ryan: It figures. The one bad thing my brother does and he’s not even here to get in trouble for it.

Movie Quote of the Day – Cairo Time, 2010 (dir. Ruba Nadda)


Juliette Grant: Why is everyone starring?
Tareq Khalifa: This cafe is for men.
Juliette Grant: What do the women do?
Tareq Khalifa: Other things.
Juliette Grant: No one said anything.
Tareq Khalifa: No, that would be rude.

Movie Quote of the Day – Night Catches Us, 2010 (dir. Tanya Hamilton)


Patricia: I can’t go with you.
Marcus: I can’t stay.
Patricia: Because this is not the life you want to live?
Marcus: Because I want more. For both of us.

Female Filmmaker Friday: Night Catches Us, 2010 (dir. Tanya Hamilton)

I had been meaning to watch this movie since it first came out because after The Hurt Locker, I had fallen irrevocably in love with Anthony Mackie, yet somehow I didn’t see this movie til a few months ago. It’s still on Netflix, for those who also have been meaning to watch it and haven’t done so yet.


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Movie Quote of the Day – The King’s Speech, 2010 (dir. Tom Hooper)


Lionel Logue: Defecation flows trippingly from the tongue!
King George VI: Because I’m angry!
Lionel Logue: Do you know the f-word?
King George VI: F–f–fornication?
Lionel Logue: Oh, Bertie.
King George VI: Fuck. Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck and fuck! Fuck, fuck and bugger! Bugger, bugger, buggerty buggerty buggerty, fuck, fuck, arse!
Lionel Logue: Yes. . .
King George VI: Balls, balls. . .
Lionel Logue: . . .you see, not a hesitation!
King George VI: . . .fuckity, shit, shit, fuck and willy. Willy, shit and fuck and. . .tits.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Kids Are All Right, 2010 (dir. Lisa Cholodenko)


Jules: I need to say something. It’s no big secret your mom and I are in hell right now, and, uh. . . bottom line is, marriage is hard. It’s really fucking hard. Just two people slogging through the shit, year after year, getting older, changing. It’s a fucking marathon, okay? So, sometimes, you know, you’re together so long, that you just. . .you stop seeing the other person. You just see weird projections of your own junk. Instead of talking to each other, you go off the rails and act grubby and make stupid choices, which is what I did. And I feel sick about it because I love you guys, and I love your mom, and that’s the truth. Sometimes you hurt the ones you love the most. I don’t know why. You know, if I read more Russian novels, then. . . Anyway, I just wanted to say how sorry I am for what I did. I hope you’ll forgive me eventually. Thank you.


Movie Quote of the Day – The American, 2010 (dir. Anton Corbijn)


Father Benedetto: You study our history?
Jack: No.
Father Benedetto: You come to Italy to make a guide book and you don’t care about history?
Jack: I take pictures
Father Benedetto: Of course. . .You’re American. You think you can escape history. You live for the present.
Jack: I try to, Father.