Poll: What End Of The Year Release Are You Looking Forward To The Most?

My roommate and I have this system wherein every weekend (we started in September) through the end of the year has a notecard and on each notecard we write the movies that are opening (well, the ones we are interested in, anyways). When we see one we initial it, when we’ve both seen the film we cross it out.

I want to know what films y’all are interested in seeing!

Poll after the cut due to how large it is.

I included a few that have already opened, but maybe haven’t made it everywhere /some readers may not have had a chance to see yet.

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  1. I had to pick ‘other’… for a few reasons. The first one being that some of the picks I’ve already seen or are already available in… places. xD

    I almost picked The Iron Lady, mainly because I really want to see what Meryl does with Thatcher… and the teaser gave me the chills alone.

    The ‘other’ pick I chose was a film that opened in Sundance, but it’s gonna be ages til I get to see it, so I’m picking it as the film I’m most anticipating. Shunji Iwai’s Vampire, of course. Though I haven’t heard great things about it, I’m interested in seeing his English debut… with my fave young Japanese actress in a small role, and the film being shot in Vancouver – it makes my heart giddy xD Plus, it’s got a psychological vampire theme going on, I’m a sucker for those.

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