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Poll: What End Of The Year Release Are You Looking Forward To The Most?

My roommate and I have this system wherein every weekend (we started in September) through the end of the year has a notecard and on each notecard we write the movies that are opening (well, the ones we are interested in, anyways). When we see one we initial it, when we’ve both seen the film we cross it out.

I want to know what films y’all are interested in seeing!

Poll after the cut due to how large it is.

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POLL: Predict The Screen Actors Guild Awards

The Screen Actors Guild Awards are tonight at 8PM EST / 5PM PST on both TNT and TBS. The Oscar race has done a 180 in the last two weeks with The King’s Speech taking top honors at both the PGA and the DGA. All we’ve got left is to see if it sweeps the SAG awards tonight. After the cut are polls for all the film categories.

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Polls! Polls! Polls! (take 2)

Unlike yesterday’s post, today I want to know how you think the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is going to vote. Who do you think WILL WIN the awards tonight?

I’ll post my predictions along with what my beloved readers think around 4 of 4:30 tonight, but then I have to hide from the internets because the awards ceremony is tape delayed and I’m on the West Coast and don’t want to get spoiled :/ THE SHOW IS NOT BEING TAPE DELAYED THIS YEAR. It’ll be shown simultaneously in the East Coast and the West Coast. This is wonderful news. I’ll be live-blogging the ceremony over on my tumblr: if you’re interested.

Polls after the cut.

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