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Movie Quote of the Day – Wild Wild West, 1999 (dir. Barry Sonnenfeld)


Artemus Gordon: I only have one request: that you aim for my heart, my heart which has loved this country so much.
Dr. Arliss Loveless: Shoot him in the head.
Artemus Gordon: Damn.

Movie Quote of the Day – Thor, 2011 (dir. Kenneth Branagh)

Thor: This drink. . .I like it!
Darcy: I know, it’s great right?
[smashes mug on ground]
Thor: Another!

Movie Quote of the Day – The Road to El Dorado, 2000 (dir. Eric ‘Bibo’ Bergeron, Will Finn, Don Paul, David Silverman)

Tulio: What’s happening here?
Miguel: We’re both in barrels. That’s the extent of my knowledge.