Movie Quote of the Day – Breezy, 1973 (dir. Clint Eastwood)


Frank: Hello, my love.
Breezy: Hello, my life.
Frank: I don’t know. If we’re lucky, we might last a year.
Breezy: A year? Just. . .just think of it Frank! A whole year!


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  1. Breezy did not show in theaters for a long time. I discovered it on Amazon last year and since then have watched it over and over again. Of course, Bill Holden does a great job, just like he does in all his movies. In Breezy he has aged quite a bit, he is actually 55, and when you watch this movie, especially some scenes where he is in bed with Kay Lenz and he talks about his marriage (he is divorced in the movie) at that time he had finally gotten a divorce from his wife in 1971, I think he is talking about his own life. He is very bitter and says I finally won, she gave me a divorce. His marriage was not a happy one and they separated for long periods of time between 1941 till 1971. I have read many books and articles about him and even though he had looks, money, women, etc., he was severely depressed and turned to alcohol very early in life. He started when he started acting because he was very insecure and drinking gave him courage but it also killed him in the end. Anyway, if you have a chance to see Breezy you really should. It’ll be worth it.

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