Movie Quote of the Day is Four Years Old!

Another year passes, another celebration of this feature! I was looking back at the post celebrating the feature’s third anniversary and noticed I summed up all the changes that happened in those years, so I think I will do that again. When I started this feature, I was living in the back of my parents’ house watching TCM 16 hours a day, then I lived in San Francisco for two years where I was working towards an MFA in film production/screenwriting, working at a handful of theaters and haunting seat M107 at the Castro Theatre, last year I had just moved to North Hollywood and was working at the Warner Archive Collection and finishing my MFA online, now I have graduated (did so in December!), am working at Rotten Tomatoes and struggle to actually have the time to watch a movie every day. So many changes! But Movie Quote of the Day stays strong and I’ll keep updating the feature for years to come if I can help it! After the cut I have all of this year’s quotes, but if you want to see every single Movie Quote of the Day you can do so here.





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