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Movie Quote of the Day – Welcome to Me, 2015 (dir. Shira Piven)


Gina: You’re a terrible friend. You only care about your own pain. I’m sorry you hurt so bad, but that doesn’t mean other people aren’t vulnerable or sensitive. And just because you made a career out of it, doesn’t mean other people don’t have feelings.

Movie Quote of the Day – Better Than Chocolate, 1999 (dir. Anne Wheeler)


Lila: I’m too old for this.
Judy: No, you are not too old. You are pissed off! See, rage gets trapped in the body and it can make you feel old and tired. That’s why you have to let it out. Oh, like this! Ahhh! [throws paint, exhales]

Movie Quote of the Day – Laggies, 2014 (dir. Lynn Shelton)


Bethany: You treat someone badly enough, you just assume they’d be happy to let you go.

Movie Quote of the Day – Fast Times at Ridgemont High, 1982 (dir. Amy Heckerling)


Mark ‘Rat’ Ratner: What do I say to her once we get in the car?
Mike Damone: No problem, Rat. What you need is my special five-point plan.
Mark ‘Rat’ Ratner: Come on, Damone, I need real help her.
Mike Damone: What’d you mean? Hey! Men have died trying to obtain this valuable information. But I’ll give it to you for free.
Mark ‘Rat’ Ratner: Okay, okay. What’s your five-point plan?
Mike Damone: All right. Now, pay attention. First of all, Rat, you never let on how much you like a girl. Oh, Debbie. . .hi. Two. You always call the shots. Kiss me, you won’t regret it. Three. Act like wherever you are, that’s the place to be. Isn’t this great? Four. When ordering food, find out what she wants, then order for the both of you. It’s a classy move. The lady will have the linguine in a white clam sauce, and a coke with no ice. And five. Now, this is most important, Rat. When it comes down to makin’ out, whenever possible, put on side one of Led Zeppelin IV.

Movie Quote of the Day – Wuthering Heights, 2011 (dir. Andrea Arnold)


Mr. Earnshaw: Why can’t you always be such a good lass, Cathy?
Cathy: Why can’t you always be such a good man, father?

Movie Quote of the Day – The Pretty One, 2014 (dir. Jenée LaMarque)


Basel: How come you don’t ever talk about your sister with me?
Laurel: You know, everything is so great with us.
Basel: Come on, cool it with that. What do you think, if you show me how you feel, I’m not gonna like you?
Laurel: Yeah, maybe.
Basel: Really? This isn’t gonna last if it’s like that. If this is real, we gotta tell each other the bad stuff. And if this isn’t real, if this is just my kind of imagination then I wanna know now.
Laurel: I don’t know what I’m doing. I have never done this before. I don’t. . .I don’t even know what the real me looks like.
Basel: Well, I think I do.
Laurel: Really?
Basel: Yes, I do. She’s funny and she’s weird and likes to play games and she makes me laugh. I think that’s the real you. I like her. That’s who I want. That’s what I want.

Movie Quote of the Day – Jeg er din, 2013 (dir. Iram Haq)


Jesper: How about a cup of coffee? Or a glass of wine? Tea? Pizza?
Mina: I don’t usually eat pizza with strangers.
Jesper: Stranger? Me? We’ve known each other for 300 meters.
Mina: [laughs] You’re right.
Jesper: So, how about that cup of coffee? Or a pizza?
Mina: Maybe after 500 meters.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Secret Life of Bees, 2008 (dir. Gina Prince-Bythewood)


June: It’s ironic how white people hate us so much when so many of them been raised by black women.

Movie Quote of the Day – Peeples, 2013 (dir. Tina Gordon Chism)


Wade: He thinks he’s got to be a thug to get respect.
Chris: See that? That’s rich people’s problems right there.

Movie Quote of the Day – Slums of Beverly Hills, 1998 (dir. Tamara Jenkins)


Vivian: Are you starring at my breasts?
Eliot: No!
Vivian: Well look at them!
Eliot: Ok. . .
Vivian: What do they make you think?
Eliot: I don’t. . .I don’t know.
Vivian: Do you think they look deformed?
Eliot: I think they’re beautiful!
Vivian: Do you want to touch them?
Eliot: Ok.