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Movie Quote of the Day – Straight Outta Compton, 2015 (dir. F. Gary Gray)


Ice Cube: Ain’t that some shit? Speak a little truth and people lose their minds.
Eazy-E: See, the truth is, they can do whatever they want with them. They bought them motherfuckers.

Movie Quote of the Day – Dope, 2015 (dir. Rick Famuyiwa)


Dom: Yo man, I be seein’ you and your little friends with y’all flattops and MC Hammer pants, riding around in this shit, looking like y’all came out of a DeLorean or some shit. Fuck is up with that shit anyway?
Malcolm: You know, the ’90s was like the golden age of hip-hop. Everything from It Takes a Nation of Millions to The Blueprint was killing it. I guess me and my friends just wish we grew up back then.
Dom: It Takes a Nation came out in ’88. Blueprint came out 2001. What the fuck are you talkin’ ’bout right now?
Malcolm: Technically, um. . .but, you know, the spirit of the music was definitely still ’90s. I mean, It Takes a Nation, Straight Outta ComptonPaid in Full was ahead of their time. And then you got Snoop, Biggie, Wu-Tang. They took the game to the next level. Blueprint was kind of like the punctuation mark.
Dom: Let’s not forget, the ’90s also gave us Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer, and we can’t forget about the Fresh Prince.
Malcolm: Everything in the ’90s wasn’t great, but. . .but you gotta admit “Summertime” was a classic.

Movie Quote of the Day – Ayanda and the Mechanic, 2015 (dir. Sara Blecher)


Ayanda: Mama, why have you stopped dreaming?
Dorothy: I stopped dreaming when I realized it was pointless.
Ayanda: Pointless? Really? Pointless how?
Dorothy: I had you and Lenaka.
Ayanda: So?
Dorothy: I was on my own, I had to cope. Ayanda. . .the garage, the accident. . .there was no space for dreams, just survival.
Ayanda: Fine. Then make space now.

Movie Quote of the Day – By The Sea, 2015 (dir. Angelina Jolie Pitt)


Michel: If you really love someone, you want more for them than you want for yourself. Do you understand?

Movie Quote of the Day – Far from the Madding Crowd, 2015 (dir. Thomas Vinterberg)


Bathsheba Everdene: It is difficult for a woman to define her feelings in a language chiefly made by men to express theirs.

Movie Quote of the Day – Mad Max: Fury Road, 2015 (dir. George Miller)


Max Rockatansky: You done this before?
Imperator Furiosa: Many times. Now that I drive a War Rig, this is the best shot I’ll ever have.
Max Rockatansky: And them?
Imperator Furiosa: They’re looking for hope.
Max Rockatansky: What about you?
Imperator Furiosa: Redemption.

Movie Quote of the Day – Tangerine, 2015 (dir. Sean Baker)


Alexandra: I’ve been told you this was gonna happen. All men cheat. That’s why they’re called trade. Do them just as dirty as they do us. Out here it’s all about our hustle, and that’s it. [beat] What are you plotting?

Movie Quote of the Day – Paddington, 2015 (dir. Paul King)


Judy: I’m sorry if I wasn’t very nice before. It’s just, it’s a new school and I didn’t want everyone to think I was. . .weird.
Paddington: Oh, I understand, Judy. It is not easy being somewhere new.
Judy: No, it isn’t.
Paddington: Things can be very different from how you imagined.

Movie Quote of the Day – Meadowland, 2015 (dir. Reed Morano)


Tim: Well, you know, the thing about the brain, or I should say, the conscious brain, is that all you can do is scan things from left to right, absorbing information in these long, continuous sequences, which is why it takes so long to get educated. But the unconscious . . .the unconscious is a completely different story. It’s a whole different level of learning. Because words have no intrinsic meaning, they’re just pointers, you know?
Phil: Right.
Tim: We see this, we see that. . .What is this? This is a fucking table. Well, who says it’s a fucking table? But I’ve named it, and separated it out from everything else and Bob’s your uncle, right? But that’s not how kids see it, or animals. How do you drown out all the noise and the static, and just simply look at what’s actually there? And the thing that I’m grappling with is how much we’re missing by. . .by just focusing on the most obvious linear input stream.

Movie Quote of the Day – Heart of a Dog, 2015 (dir. Laurie Anderson)


Laurie Anderson: That was where she learned the great skill of empathy and also where she learned what our meditation teacher keeps telling us. He says, “You should try to learn how to feel sad without being sad.” Which is actually really hard to do.