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52 Films By Women To Stream On Netflix and Amazon Prime

To help people with their 52 Films By Women challenge this year I thought I’d put together a list of some of my favorite films directed by women that are easily accessible on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Keep in mind that this is in no way all of the films directed by women available on these services, but rather a selection of films I have seen and enjoy. There are also many more films available to rent on Amazon Video as well. Think of this as a jumping off point! Also if you have not taken the 52 Films By Women pledge yet you can do so here.

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Movie Quote of the Day – Laggies, 2014 (dir. Lynn Shelton)


Bethany: You treat someone badly enough, you just assume they’d be happy to let you go.

Horror, Lady Directors, And More: October 2014 in Films

I meant to watch a Horror Movie a Day in October, but I went out-of-town one weekend for a wedding and got behind and then apparently forgot that I was behind, so I only saw 29 horror movies in October, but I think that’s still pretty good. Some of them were so not good, though, it was a bummer. I also saw a lot of great 2014 releases and continued to watch TV. Boardwalk Empire had its series finale!!! I’m still not over it. And The Knick won’t be back til next summer. But I also started watching Jane The Virgin and it is delightful! Also it’s now Noirvember! Which, obviously, is the best mont of the year! As always, my full recap of October can be found after the cut.


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