Movie Quote of the Day – I Like It Like That, 1994 (dir. Darnell Martin)


Alexis: You know, you’re wrong, Lisette. It’s not my problem; it’s their problem. I still love them after what they did to me and I didn’t do anything to them. But they hate me.

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  1. Unrelated to this post, have you seen Jane Campion’s mini-series, “Top of the Lake”, with Elizabeth Moss? If not, I highly recommend it. Of course True Detective Season One got all the attention due it being American, and on HBO, amongst other reasons, but “Top of the Lake”, is by far the richer, more challenging, and more thought provoking of the two.

    ps-nice to see there’s another person in the world who sees Movern Caller for the underrated gem that it is.

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