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Movie Quote of the Day – Cadillac Records, 2008 (dir. Darnell Martin)


Geneva Wade: You’re trouble, you know that?
Muddy Waters: I know it. How ’bout you?

Movie Quote of the Day – Their Eyes Were Watching God, 2005 (dir. Darnell Martin)


Janie Starks: You ain’t even told me your name.
Tea Cake: My momma named me Virgil Woods, but everybody call me Tea Cake.
Janie Starks: Tea Cake, huh? You as sweet as all that?
Tea Cake: Why don’t you try me and see?

Movie Quote of the Day – I Like It Like That, 1994 (dir. Darnell Martin)


Alexis: You know, you’re wrong, Lisette. It’s not my problem; it’s their problem. I still love them after what they did to me and I didn’t do anything to them. But they hate me.