Movie Quote of the Day – Meadowland, 2015 (dir. Reed Morano)


Tim: Well, you know, the thing about the brain, or I should say, the conscious brain, is that all you can do is scan things from left to right, absorbing information in these long, continuous sequences, which is why it takes so long to get educated. But the unconscious . . .the unconscious is a completely different story. It’s a whole different level of learning. Because words have no intrinsic meaning, they’re just pointers, you know?
Phil: Right.
Tim: We see this, we see that. . .What is this? This is a fucking table. Well, who says it’s a fucking table? But I’ve named it, and separated it out from everything else and Bob’s your uncle, right? But that’s not how kids see it, or animals. How do you drown out all the noise and the static, and just simply look at what’s actually there? And the thing that I’m grappling with is how much we’re missing by. . .by just focusing on the most obvious linear input stream.

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  1. Excellent movie. Superior performances across the boards, most notably from Olivia Wilde. Yes, it is “slow” because of the message it conveys about the impact of loss and the search for closure or at least an end to the pain. Ignore the comment about the loud music. It isn’t a big deal (and I hate noise for its own sake!). If I had read these reviews before seeing this film, I would have avoided it like the proverbial plague…and then I would have missed one of the best films I will see this month (I see about 25 per month). I don’t hold with disclosing story lines. The summation we’re given here is accurate and sufficient. After all, children abducted/going missing is a common theme these days, eh? Just that some films of the “went missing” genre are better than others and this is one of them (albeit not for the level of action so many of us American viewers crave).

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