October 2018 in Films

As you will see I watched A LOT of movies in October. The month began with my third trip to Pordenone in Italy for the Pordenone Silent Film Festival. The festival was again jam-packed with amazing film, mostly rarities from film archives and new restorations. I then watched several 2018 films (in theaters and on Netflix). Lastly, the month ended with the news that FilmStruck will be shutting down on November 29th (no worries, I still have a job!), so I have been binge-watching silent films and Japanese cinema. All of this resulted in a lot of cinema consumed. I discovered some new favorite directors and some truly awe-inspiring cinema. As always, you can see everything I watched plus some favorites after the cut.

  1. Sperfuira! (The False Oath)
  2. La Grande Bretèche
  3. The Sealed Room
  4. Always Keep To The White Line
  5. The Covered Wagon
  6. Satana (1912)
  7. Parsifal (1912)
  8. Das Geheimnis Der Marquise (The Marquise’ Secret)
  9. Our Pet
  10. Captain Salvation
  11. Plus De Chauves (No More Bald Men)
  12. Un Rayon De Soleil
  13. Her Code of Honor
  14. Schall Und Rauch (Sound and Smoke)
  15. The Lincoln Cycle: My Mother
  16. The Lincoln Cycle: My Father
  17. Not’ Fanfare Concourt (Our Band’s Going To The Court)
  18. L’Auberge Rouge (1923)
  19. Diplomatic Henry
  20. Sowing The Wind
  21. Der Kampff Ums Matterhorn (The Fight For The Matterhorn)
  22. Das Mädchen Für Alles (The Girl For Everything)
  23. Das Alte Gesetz (The Ancient Law)
  24. La Plus Belle Conquête De La Femme C’est La Citroën
  25. The Mating Call
  26. The Lincoln Cycle: A Call To Arms
  27. [Reklama Piecyków Do Piecznia]
  28. Le Cheval Emballé
  29. Dunungen (In Quest of Happiness)
  30. The Way To A Child’s Heart
  31. Smouldering Fires
  32. That Other Girl
  33. Schultz’s Lottery Ticket
  34. The Child Thou Gavest Me
  35. Making A Convert
  36. What Could She Do!
  37. The Last of the Hargroves
  38. The Portrait In The Attic
  39. Neobychainye Prikliucheniya Mistera Vesta V Strange Bolshevikov (The Extraordinary Adventures of Mr. West In The Land of the Bolsheviks)
  40. Le Secret De La Cuisinière
  41. Den Gyldne Drøm
  42. Paris At Midnight (1926)
  43. The Lincoln Cycle: My First Jury
  44. The Lincoln Cycle: Tender Memories
  45. The Rock Garden
  46. Captain Blood (1924)
  47. Suspicious Wives
  48. Judaspengar (The Price of Betrayal)
  49. Ballettprimadonnan
  50. [Reklamfilm Barnängen – Reportage Från Sommarens Stockholmsutställning]
  51. L’Homme Du Large
  52. Melodie (1929)
  53. Les Rameaux. Hosannah! (De Faure)
  54. Assunta Spina (1915)
  55. The Lincoln Cycle: A President’s Answer
  56. The Lincoln Cycle: Native State
  57. Le Cheminée Fume
  58. Prästänkan (The Parson’s Widow)
  59. Madame De Langeais
  60. Liebe
  61. I Promessi Sposi (1922)
  62. The Lincoln Cycle: Under The Stars
  63. When The Tables Turned
  64. Husbands And Lovers
  65. Eugénie Grandet
  66. La Cousine Bette
  67. (L’Invasione Dell Truppe Tedesche Nel Beglio)
  68. L’Energica Avanzata Contro I Ribelli Di El Baruni
  69. The Enemy (1927)
  70. La Memoria Dell’altro
  71. L’Atlantide (1921)
  72. Der Hund Von Baskerville (1929)
  73. Ett Farligt Frieri (A Dangerous Wooing)
  74. Changing Hues
  75. The Home Maker
  76. Memory Lane (1926)
  77. Filendouce Est Insaisissable
  78. Troll-Elgen (The Ghost Elk)
  79. The Slavey Student
  80. What Do You Do On Friday Night?
  81. Forbidden Paradise
  82. [Reklamfilm Barnågen – Chimpansen Rakas]
  83. A Simple Mistake (1910)
  84. Der Goldene Abgrund. Schiffbrüchige Des Lebens (The Golden Abyss. Castaways of Life)
  85. La Donna Che Inventò La Diva
  86. Robert Vignola, Da Trivigno A Hollywood
  87. Laveuses
  88. Admiral Cigarette
  89. Lasse Månsson Fra Skaane (Struggling Hearts)
  90. Mrs. Lirriper’s Lodgers
  91. The Ploughshare
  92. Something Good – Negro Kiss
  93. In Old Kentucky (1927)
  94. Mes Voisins Font Danser
  95. The Little Boys Next Door
  96. Les Bottines Du Colonel
  97. When Mary Grew Up
  98. Gontran Et La Voisine Inconnue
  99. La Vengeance Du Sergent De Ville
  100. Park Your Car (1920)
  101. The Last of the Mohicans (1920)
  102. Impromptu (2017)
  103. Le Joueur D’Échecs (The Chess Player)
  104. Ocean’s 8
  105. Tea With The Dames
  106. Colette (2018)
  107. The Land of Steady Habits
  108. Private Life
  109. The Kindergarten Teacher
  110. Dude
  111. Like Father
  112. Lightning Sketches
  113. Cartoons on Tour
  114. Col. Heeza Liar, Detective
  115. Bobby Bumps Starts for School
  116. The Circus (1920)
  117. The Fable of the Jolly Rounders
  118. Fireman Save My Child
  119. The Bomb Idea
  120. Felix Comes Back
  121. Springtime (1923)
  122. Scents and Nonsense
  123. Dinky Doodle in Lost and Found
  124. Hot-Toe Mollie
  125. Toby the Milkman
  126. The Farmerette
  127. The Haunted Hotel (1907)
  128. La course aux potirons (The Pumpkin Race)
  129. The Ouija Board
  130. Koko Sees Spooks
  131. Dinky Doodle in Just Spooks
  132. Alice’s Mysterious Mystery
  133. Slick Sleuths
  134. Pete’s Haunted House
  135. Sure-Locked Homes
  136. The Fresh Lobster
  137. The Witch’s Cat (1929)
  138. The Haunted Ship (1930)
  139. Skulls and Sculls
  140. Wot a Night
  141. Bold King Cole
  142. Ich möchte kein Mann sein (I Don’t Want To Be A Man)
  143. Die Austernprinzessin (The Oyster Princess)
  144. Die Puppe (The Doll)
  145. Anna Boleyn
  146. Sumurun (One Arabian Night)
  147. Gan (Wild Geese)
  148. Neko to Shôzô to futari no onna (Shozo, a Cat and Two Women)
  149. Tutto a posto e niente in ordine (All Screwed Up)
  150. Ferdinando e Carolina
  151. Dietro gli occhiali bianchi (Behind The White Glasses)
  152. The Night Porter
  153. La donna nella Resistenza (Women of the Resistance)
  154. My Beautiful Laundrette
  155. Subarashiki nichiyôbi (One Wonderful Sunday)
  156. A Dog’s Life (1918)
  157. Karumen kokyô ni kaeru (Carmen Comes Home)
  158. Karumen junjô su (Carmen Falls In Love)
  159. Tooi kumo (The Tattered Wings/Distant Clouds)
  160. Nogiku no gotoki kimi nariki (She Was Like a Wild Chrysanthemum)
  161. Haru no yume (Spring Dreams)
  162. Shoulder Arms
  163. Sunnyside (1919)
  164. The Idle Class
  165. Pay Day
  166. A Day’s Pleasure
  167. A Woman of Paris
  168. The Circus
  169. Kimi to wakarete (Apart from You)
  170. Minato no nihonmusume (Japanese Girls at the Harbor)
  171. Kurutta ippêji (A Page of Madness)
  172. Arigatô-san (Mr. Thank You)
  173. Anma to onna (The Masseurs and a Woman)
  174. Kanzashi (Ornamental Hairpin)
  175. Naniwa erejî (Osaka Elegy)
  176. Gion no shimai (Sisters of the Gion)
  177. Yoru no onnatachi (Women of the Night)

1880s: 0
1890s: 3
1900s: 11
1910s: 56
1920s: 63
1930s: 15
1940s: 6
1950s: 7
1960s: 3
1970s: 2
1980s: 3
1990s: 1
2000s: 0
2010s: 11

L’Atlantide, 1921 (dir. Jacques Feyder)

This was the world premiere of a beautiful new restoration of this film by Lobster Films and it did not disappoint. This lush three-hour adventure film is an adaptation of the 1919 novel of the same name by Pierre Benoit. I’d seen the 1933 version by G.W. Pabst earlier this year and I think both films are very good (and each keep aspects of the source material that the other discards), but for me this epic is the version. The tinting on this new restoration was to die for and the locations – it was shot in Algeria! – are to die for. I hope this new restoration is released on home video or streaming some day, however based on a conversation I had with Serge Bromberg of Lobster Films this seem doubtful. I’ll forever be glad I was lucky enough to see it with my own eyes.

Le Joueur d’échecs (The Chess Player), 1927 (dir. Raymond Bernard)

I had no idea what this movie was about going in and in no scenario would I ever have guessed that a movie about Polish revolutionaries would include death by an army of automatons. This is available from Milestone Films and I highly recommend seeking it out.

Private Life, 2018 (dir. Tamara Jenkins)

Netflix has released a ton of films directed by women this year and I was able to catch up with several of them this last month. This latest film from Tamara Jenkins, her first in over a decade, is a warm and bittersweet and unabashedly humane look at the struggle of a long married couple as they attempt to conceive. Some of Paul Giamatti’s best work, and a fearless performance from Kathryn Hahn.

Neko to Shôzô to futari no onna (Shozo, A Cat and Two Women), 1956 (dir. Shirô Toyoda)

I actually found this movie on FilmStruck when we first launched and when I discovered it was an adaptation of a Jun’ichirô Tanizaki novel (a favorite author of mine), I immediately added it to my queue. I think it’s running time is what kept me from watching it in a timely manner and boy was I dumb. This is THE cat person movie. It’s 2+ running time flies by and it’s filled with utterly delightful moments. A true hard to find gem.

Karumen junjô su (Carmen Falls In Love), 1952 (dir. Keisuke Kinoshita)

I have absolutely fallen in love with the films of Keisuke Kinoshita. I wish I had discovered them earlier! This one is a sequel to Carmen Comes Home (the first color film made in Japan), which is a much more well-known/regarded film, but I actually liked this film better. Both films co-star Hideko Takamine and Toshiko Kobayashi as showgirls whose modern lifestyles get them into many, many shenanigans. Both films reminded me quite a bit of the kind of buddy comedies Joan Blondell and Glenda Farrell used to make in Hollywood in the 1930s. Highly recommended.

Arigatō-san (Mr. Thank You), 1936 (dir. Hiroshi Shimizu)

This has got to be one of the sweetest films I’ve ever seen. It takes place over one bus journey from rural city of Izu to the faraway city of Tokyo, with Ken Uehara playing the titular Mr. Thank You – a nickname given to the bus driver as he utters the phrase often during his route. Along the way he helps locals – delivery messages, picking up new records, etc. – as well as helps his passengers. It’s a lovely film about the importance of community and connections, and the resilience of every day people.

Yoru no onnatachi (Women of the Night), 1948 (dir. Kenji Mizoguchi)

I watched four of Mizoguchi’s “fallen women” films – movies about women who descend into prostitution for various reasons (a topic that several of the Japanese filmmakers I’ve watched in the last few days tackled), with this film being the rawest of the four. It’s rough and it’s real and it will break your freaking heart.

So that was October. November is of course Noirvember, which this year will mostly consist of foreign noir that I want to watch before FilmStruck closes. There are also several new releases coming out in the next few weeks that I can’t wait to see. Something tells me it’s going to be another jam-packed month of soul-stirring cinema!

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