It’s Cinema Fanatic’s 9th Anniversary!

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a decade of writing on this blog! Earlier this year I hit my ten year anniversaries on Tumblr and Twitter, both of which I started using before longform blogging in ernest. Although this blog is mostly updated monthly now (though I have plans to change that in 2019), I update my YouTube channel with reviews almost daily (that may change in 2019 as well). I thought for this blog anniversary I would do a breakdown of some of my film-going shenanigans from 2018.

I’ll try to break this down by month as best as I can. January started off with a trip to Utah – not for Sundance, although I did get to visit Park City briefly. I was attending Art House Convergence, where as part of a FilmStruck sponsorship I hosted a karaoke night and trivia. I had a blast. I also guested on the The Matinee Podcast for the millionth time as host Ryan and I broke down the Oscar nominations. I also did several interviews for the FilmStruck Tumblr, which you can read here.

In February I went back to San Francisco for the first time in nearly five years (last time I was there was for my grad school graduation, which was five years ago on the 13th!). This time it was as part of a Noir Alley/TCM sponsorship of the Film Noir Foundation’s Noir City. This is one of my favorite festivals and I hadn’t been able to attend in a few years, so it was so much fun to attend again. I also got to visit my alma mater UC Berkeley and see the new Pacific Film Archive (it’s gorgeous!). While there I guested on the Noir Talk podcast. Later in the month I guested on the Mad About Mad About You podcast talking about classic film references in the 90s sitcom Mad About You. You know, as you do.

In March I went to SXSW for the second year in a row as part of a FilmStruck sponsorship. I really do love that festival. I don’t think I will get to attend in 2019, but I will very much cherish the two years I was fortunate enough to attend.

In April I attended my 8th TCM Classic Film Festival (it was the 9th festival; I was unable to attend the first year). I can’t believe this coming festival will be the 10th one! Every year I have more and more fun. This year I spoke briefly to Gillian Armstrong, the director of my favorite film of all time Little Women! I also met James Ivory and we spoke about Maurice. I also attended an amazing panel of cinematographers and met John Toll and Robert Richardson!

In May I contributed to Little White Lies’s 75th issue entitled Can Movies Save The World? I wrote about my love for Pariah and why I think it’s a film everyone should screen before the world explodes.

In June I went to Miami for the first time (oh my gosh what a great city!) where I introduced a screening of Billy Wilder’s Some Like It Hot for Flaming Classics. I had an absolute blast exploring Miami and speaking about both the history of film in Florida and the film’s queer roots. Shout out to Juan Barquin for the invite!

July was slow in terms of movie events, but I did go to Chicago and Madison Wisconsin. I, of course, visited the Music Box Theatre while in Chicago. In August I attended DragonCon for the second year in a row and was in even more panels than last year. I also majorly upped my cosplay game. Panel-wise, I was on More Than Just The Final Girl: Women Behind The Camera, Awesome Women In Digital Media, All The Time In The World: Time Travel In Films, How To Create Successful YouTube and Instagram Videos. It was a lot, but I enjoyed every single panel and I hope to do more next year.

In September I was on the jury for Out On Film, Atlanta’s queer film festival, and hosted a mini silent film festival at the Plaza Theatre! I screened soooo many LGBTQ-related films and all I have to say is we need more happy queer films! Please greenlight those!

In October I went back to the Pordenone Silent Film Festival for the third year. I had the best time yet and that was due in large part to Sabina Stent attending with me! You can read more about our shenanigans at that festival here.

November saw Noirvember celebrating its 9th year in a big, big way. Not only were there more events across the globe and people participating using the hashtag on social, but I co-presenting three screenings here in Atlanta at the Plaza Theatre with Videodrome. It was a real dream come true. We showed The Killing, Laura, and Mildred Pierce and I did the intros before each screening.

I also contributed an essay on Gillian Armstrong’s Little Women to Alicia Malone‘s latest book The Female Gaze: Essential Movies Made By Women.

Which brings us to December! Earlier this month I presented another silent film at the Plaza: The Phantom Carriage! I’m hoping to do more silents in the coming year, so if you are local here in Atlanta please look forward to that.

For 2019 aka this blog’s 10th year I hope to write a lot more. I may bring back some of my previous features (looking at you Female Filmmaker Friday), but I also have some other plans to get myself into writing again. For all of you who have stuck with me these 9 years, I send all my love, and for those of you who have hopped on over the years, I hope you have enjoyed the ride!


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  1. Happy 9 Years! Here’s to many more!

  2. 👏🏻 🎉 Congrats on 9 years!

    Your outfit at Noir City is truly next level. That shawl 😍

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