September and October 2020 in Films

September was a terrible month. I spent much of the month with my family up in the northern California because my grandfather died. Needless to say, not a lot of new-to-me movie watching happened that month. Hence why there was no post. I decided to combine the two months into one post. October included a virtual version of the Pordenone Silent Film Festival, so like most years there is an uptick in silent film, but not as much as past years. As always, you can see everything I watched and a breakdown by year after the cut.


  1. i’m thinking of ending things
  2. Mignonnes (Cuties)
  3. The Devil All The Time
  4. The Boys in the Band (2020)


  1. Dick Johnson Is Dead
  2. Un Voyage Abracadabrant
  3. New York 1911
  4. Planty Krakowskie
  5. Un Voyage Au Caire (Nos Vedettes À L’Étranger)
  6. Over Besseggen På Motocykkel
  7. Belgique Pittoresque: Ostende; Bruges
  8. Svatojánské Proudy
  9. [Trieste, Summer 1939)
  10. Travlor Från London (Londonerbilleder)
  11. Penrod and Sam (1923)
  12. The Brilliant Biograph: Earliest Moving Images of Europe (1897-1902)
  13. Guo Feng (National Customs)
  14. Toodles, Tom and Trouble
  15. Where Lights Are Low
  16. České hrady a zámky
  17. La tempesta in un cranio
  18. Oi apahides ton Athinon
  19. Hubie Halloween
  20. Abwege
  21. The Forty-Year-Old Version
  22. A Romance of the Redwoods (1917)
  23. The Wolf of Snow Hollow
  24. Ballettens Datter
  25. The Serenade (1916)
  26. The Rent Collector
  27. Detained
  28. Moonlight and Noses
  29. When Knights Were Cold
  30. A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting
  31. The Trial of the Chicago 7
  32. Summer (2006)
  33. Michigan Avenue
  34. I-94
  35. The United States of America
  36. Empty Suitcases
  37. Anybody’s Woman (1981)
  38. Luminous Motion
  39. Rebecca (2020)
  40. Gregory Go Boom
  41. Pauline Alone
  42. Woman in Deep
  43. Man Rots from the Head
  44. Bruce Springsteen’s Letter to You
  45. Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
  46. On the Rocks
  47. David Byrne’s American Utopia
  48. Little Fugitive
  49. Daughters of Darkness
  50. Vampires vs. the Bronx
  51. His House

1880s: 0
1890s: 0
1900s: 0
1910s: 8
1920s: 12
1930s: 4
1940s: 0
1950s: 1
1960s: 0
1970s: 3
1980s: 3
1990s: 1
2000s: 1
2010s: 4
2020s: 18

Here are a few of my favorites that I watched over the last two months. Most of these are available streaming, except for the silent film that was part of Pordenone Silent.

i’m thinking of ending things, 2020 (dir. Charlie Kaufman)

Dick Johnson Is Dead, 2020 (dir. Kirsten Johnson)

Abwege, 1928 (dir. G. W. Pabst)

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, 2020 (dir. Jason Woliner)

On The Rocks, 2020 (dir. Sofia Coppola)

His House, 2020 (dir. Remi Weekes)

So that was the last few months. We are now into my favorite time of the year: NOIRVEMBER. I cannot even believe this is the 11th years of Noirvember! I love to watch new people discover noir and/or new favorites within the genre. I love this community and I love to see excitement about discovery and shared passion.

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  1. My condolences to you and your family. On a happier note, very glad that you began the Noirvember tradition

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