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It’s Cinema Fanatic’s 7th Anniversary!

This has been a roller coaster year. When I moved across to the country to work at Turner Classic Movies (and FilmStruck!) I had to put Movie Quote of the Day on hold and I haven’t yet managed to bring that feature back. I did, however bring back Female Filmmaker Friday, this time as a podcast and I’ve had some great guests on talking about some great filmmakers. Due to some health issues I had to put that on hold as well (it will be back soon though!). Aside from driving across the country (and through 7 states!), I also went to Virginia to Joseph Cotten’s hometown on a research trip (I even wound up on the local news!) and to Italy to attend the Pordenone Silent Film Festival! All and all, it’s been a pretty crazy year and I’m grateful I was able to share it with all of you. 2017 is going to be full of all kind of adventures as well.


Bonus points if you can name the film that the above scene is from!


Housewarming Stuffs!

As many of you know, I just packed up and moved from California to Georgia for a new job. In doing so I gave almost everything I owned to friends or charities (10+ years of adult belongings!), so I am starting at zero in terms of household items.

I set up some wish lists/registries for my family to send me housewarming gifts, but I thought I’d share them with y’all, because as Blanche DuBois says





p.s. I hope to get the blog back up and running in April!

A Year With Women: What I Learned Only Watching Films Directed By Women in 2015

So it is the first day of 2016,  which means we’ve bid adieu to 2015. For me, that means I’ve completed A Year With Women. During the entire year of 2015, all the films I watched – from new releases, new-to-me, and re-watches – were directed or co-directed by women, with the exception of the TCM Classic Film Festival (it was impossible!) and Noirvember (all films watched had female writers). Normally, I would write this post and talk about a few films I really loved from the year and maybe a theme I noticed in my viewing habits. This year that theme is pretty obvious: women! I’ve kept pretty good notes, so after the cut I’m going to go through the year, both in terms of what I watched, as well as the big news stories related to female directors in 2015. I’m also going to talk a bit about my favorite new-to-me film of the year, because some traditions must stand!


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It’s Cinema Fanatic’s 6th Anniversary!

This time last year I was announcing my A Year With Women project – and I’m now two weeks from its end! It’s amazing. Also, Movie Quote of the Day celebrated its 5th anniversary and #Noirvember 6 was a total success. I’ll update more about my year in movies (and TV!) as the year actually closes out, but I do want to say how grateful I am to all my readers who have stuck with me for all this time!


Will be on hiatus for a few days while I attend Comic-Con International​


Movie Quote of the Day is Five Years Old!

I can’t believe I’ve been doing this feature for five years! Since January (if you haven’t noticed) every single quote I’ve done has come from a movie directed by a woman (except Groundhog Day, obviously), to tie in with A Year With Women. After the cut is all of the Movie Quote of the Day posts from June 30th, 2014 thru today, but if you want to see every single Movie Quote of the Day you can do so here.


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Due to the death of my cat Mr. Rochester I’m going on a hiatus from blogging, movie watching & Movie Quote of the Day.

It’s Cinema Fanatic’s 5th Anniversary!

Isn’t that exciting?! I’ve got a really big announcement to make, but first I want to run through a few highlights of this last year.

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Movie Quote of the Day is Four Years Old!

Another year passes, another celebration of this feature! I was looking back at the post celebrating the feature’s third anniversary and noticed I summed up all the changes that happened in those years, so I think I will do that again. When I started this feature, I was living in the back of my parents’ house watching TCM 16 hours a day, then I lived in San Francisco for two years where I was working towards an MFA in film production/screenwriting, working at a handful of theaters and haunting seat M107 at the Castro Theatre, last year I had just moved to North Hollywood and was working at the Warner Archive Collection and finishing my MFA online, now I have graduated (did so in December!), am working at Rotten Tomatoes and struggle to actually have the time to watch a movie every day. So many changes! But Movie Quote of the Day stays strong and I’ll keep updating the feature for years to come if I can help it! After the cut I have all of this year’s quotes, but if you want to see every single Movie Quote of the Day you can do so here.



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A Little Help From My Friends

This post originated on my Tumblr, but I thought I would branch out and ask my subscribers for some help as well.

Screen shot 2014-06-16 at 6.35.24 PM

First post 6/14:

Hi guys, Mr. Rochester, my cat, is doing better. I just talked to the vet and they said he was eating and doing much better with fluids. I still don’t know when he can come home.

I’m going out of town for a wedding on Thursday, so regardless I have to board him with the vet for a few days next week because they’ll have to continue his treatment.

It’s all really expensive and eating away at my savings account. Anything you can spare – even $5 – would really help me and my kitty.


p.s. you can also donate funds to my Paypal account (

UPDATE 6/15:

I just got off the phone with my vet. Mr. Rochester is doing much better. He’s eating and his levels are all going down.

He has to stay at least one more night with I.V. fluids before he can come home (though I have to board him again with the vet when I go out of town so he can get all his medicine while I’m gone).

His red blood cells are a little off, but they’re giving him some medicine for that.

His kidneys are going to be deficient from here on out and I will have to change his diet and be extremely careful and watchful, but the vet told me multiple times that this does not mean he’s going to leave me anytime soon and that many cats with deficient kidneys live for a long time.

I’m still a crying mess. My apartment is so quiet without his meowing.

This is all going to cost a lot, not just for the treatment right now and his boarding next weekend, but for continual monitoring, so anything you can spare right now is more than helpful:

UPDATE 6/16: 

I still haven’t heard when he can come home and it looks like he may have to stay at the hospital until Sunday at this rate. Which is going to cost A LOT. So really, anything helps because it all adds up to a whole lot: