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Movie Quote of the Day – Ride The Pink Horse, 1947 (dir. Robert Montgomery)


Lucky Gagin: I’m gonna cut you in.
Poncho: Cut me in?
Lucky Gagin: Five grand.
Poncho: Grand?
Lucky Gagin: Five thousand bucks.
Poncho: You got that much money?
Lucky Gagin: I’m gonna get it.
Poncho: Yeah, lots of people gonna get lots of things, but they don’t.

Movie Quote of the Day – Desperate, 1947 (dir. Anthony Mann)


Walt: You could’ve phoned, it would’ve saved time.
Pete: Yeah, but you can’t collect money on the telephone

Movie Quote of the Day – The Upturned Glass, 1947 (dir. Lawrence Huntington)


Emma Wright: Don’t you even remember the people you meet?
Dr. Michael Joyce: I remember the important ones. The ones I want to remember.

Movie Quote of the Day – Whispering City, 1947 (dir. Fyodor Otsep)


Mary Roberts: Oh, kitty! You better lend me one of your nine lives. You just frightened me out of one of mine.

Movie Quote of the Day – Born To Kill, 1947 (dir. Robert Wise)


Sam Wilde: Is somebody meeting you when we get off the ferry?
Helen Brent: No. I’m going to pick up a cab.
Sam Wilde: Swell. We’ll share one.
Helen Brent: I’m afraid not. We go in different directions.
Sam Wilde: That’s where you’re wrong. We’re going in the same direction, you and I.

Movie Quote of the Day – Bury Me Dead, 1947 (dir. Bernard Vorhaus)


Barbara Carlin: Keep following the procession.
Cab Driver: Whose funeral is it anyway?
Barbara Carlin: Mine.

Movie Quote of the Day – Smash-Up, the Story of a Woman, 1947 (dir. Stuart Heisler)


Ken Conway: Angel, maybe if you had a few less when you drink. I’d have nightmares too if I drank as much as you do.
Angelica ‘Angie’ ‘Angel’ Evans Conway: I don’t know what happens to me. I begin to feel so inadequate somehow and I need courage and it gives it to me.

Movie Quote of the Day – Dishonored Lady, 1947 (dir. Robert Stevenson)


Cop: I got a rule about women: if they ain’t breakin’ the law, leave ’em alone.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Brasher Doubloon, 1947 (dir. John Brahm)


Mrs. Elizabeth Murdock: To tell you the truth, I was expecting an older man, someone more intelligent looking.
Philip Marlowe: I’m wearing a disguise.

Movie Quote of the Day – Framed, 1947 (dir. Richard Wallace)


Paula: You’re afraid.
Mike: Of what?
Paula: Me.