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Return of the Sunday Morning Western and More From April 2016 in Films

Sorry this is a few days late! I was out-of-town all week for my 6th TCM Classic Film Festival – my first as part of #TCMHQ! I had a blast! Although I only saw two films (when I usually see 15 to 17), I got to see one of my all time favorite films The Endless Summer (and met director Bruce Brown!), as well as Rocky (which is always great on the big screen). I also finally met Serge Bromberg from Lobster Films! It was a great fest. As always, a list of everything I watched in April – plus a few favorites – can be found after the cut.


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Movie Quote of the Day – Desperate, 1947 (dir. Anthony Mann)


Walt: You could’ve phoned, it would’ve saved time.
Pete: Yeah, but you can’t collect money on the telephone

Movie Quote of the Day – The Great Flamarion, 1945 (dir. Anthony Mann)


Al Wallace: Honey, no matter what you do, you’re the only dame for me. You’re a bad habit I can’t cure, even if I wanted to.

Movie Quote of the Day – T-Men, 1947 (dir. Anthony Mann)


The Schemer: By the way, how did you find me?
Dennis O’Brien: I could smell ya.

Movie Quote of the Day – Railroaded!, 1947 (dir. Anthony Mann)


Duke: Hey look, until we’re out of this jam, I want  you to lay off that bottle. You gotta use your head.
Clara: I got sense enough to know that.

Movie Quote of the Day – Raw Deal, 1948 (dir. Anthony Mann)


Joseph Emmett Sullivan: Next time you come up, don’t wear that perfume.
Ann Martin: Why not?
Joseph Emmett Sullivan: It doesn’t help a guy’s good behavior.

Movie Quote of the Day – Side Street, 1950 (dir. Anthony Mann)

Harriet Sinton: It was real sweet of you to buy that bottle, hun. You got real nice manners, Joe. I like nice manners. I like you, hun. I like you a lot. “My love is like a red, red rose that’s newly sprung in June. My love is like a melody that’s sweetly played in tune.” You like poetry, hun?  That’s Robert Burns. “A Red, Red Rose.” George hated poetry. He hit me once when I recited Robert Burns. He hit me right in the eye. George was no good.
Joe Norson: George?
Harriet Sinton: My fiancé. My ex-fiancé. George had no manners at all.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Tin Star, 1957 (dir. Anthony Mann)

Sheriff Ben Owens: You notice everything, don’t you?
Morg Hickman: I notice you’re wearing your guns too low.
Sheriff Ben Owens: That’s where Sheriff Parker wore his.
Morg Hickman: Parker’s dead.