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Movie Quote of the Day – A Boy and His Dog, 1975 (dir. L.Q. Jones)


Blood: I want popcorn.
Vic: Pass.
Blood: You said we’d get some.
Vic: Who said?
Blood: Come on, Albert, buy me some popcorn.
Vic: I’m tapped, you can live without it.
Blood: You’re just being an ass.
Vic: You just remember that the next time you want to call me Albert.
Blood: I hope the next time you play with yourself you go blind.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Sunshine Boys, 1975 (dir. Herbert Ross)

Willy Clark: They’re old-fashioned. I’m new-fashioned. I’m still in demand. I’m still hot.
Al Lewis: If this room were on fire, you wouldn’t be hot.

Movie Quote of the Day – Shampoo, 1975 (dir. Hal Ashby)

George Roundy: You ever listen to women talk, man? Do you? Cuz I do til’ it’s running out my ears. I mean, I am on my feet all day listening to women talk and they only talk about one thing: how some guy fucked them over. That’s all that’s on their minds. That’s all I ever hear about. Don’t you know that?
Lester Karpf: I follow your thinking on that.
George Roundy:  I mean, face it. We’re always trying to nail them and they know it. They don’t like it. They like it and they don’t like it.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Rocky Horror Picture Show, 1975 (dir. Jim Sharman)

Dr. Frank-N-Furter: It’s not easy having a good time! Even smiling makes my face ache!

Movie Quote of the Day – Jaws, 1975 (dir. Steven Spielberg)

Chief Brody: You’re gonna need a bigger boat.

Movie Quote of the Day – Dog Day Afternoon, 1975 (dir. Sidney Lumet)


Sonny: Is there any special country you want to go to?
[long pause]
Sal: Wyoming.
Sonny: No. . .Wyoming. . .that’s not a country.
Sal: oh.
Sonny: That’s alright. I’m gonna take care of it.

Movie Quote of the Day – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, 1975 (dir. Miloš Forman)

McMurphy: What do you think you are, for Christ’s sake, crazy or somethin’? Well you’re not! You’re not! You’re no crazier than the average asshole out walkin’ around on the streets and that’s it.

Movie Quote of the Day – Monty Python and the Holy Grail, 1975 (dir. Terry Gilliam & Terry Jones)

God: What are you doing now?
King Arthur: I’m averting my eyes, oh Lord.
God: Well, don’t. It’s just like those miserable psalms, they’re so depressing. Now knock it off!