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Movie Quote of the Day – A Christmas Melody, 2015 (dir. Mariah Carey)


Danny: You know what? You can make new memories, you can create a new future.
Kristin: That’s the problem. I don’t know where my future’s going. I mean, I thought I did, but look where it got me.
Danny: It got you back to people who care about you.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Falling, 2015 (dir. Carol Morley)


Lydia: I read that one person is really like three people: the person you think you are, the person other people see, and the person you really are.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Girl In The Book, 2015 (dir. Marya Cohn)


Alice: It’s nice to know somebody who actually likes what they do. I always wanted to be a writer when I grew up.
Emmett: Are you?
Alice: Grown up?
Emmett: Nooo. Writing?
Alice: No.
Emmett: How come?
Alice: I sit there waiting to hear the characters speak, and instead I have this voice in my head saying, “This is shit. This is shit. This is shit.”
Emmett: Come on! That voice? Everybody hears that voice. That’s the same voice that says, “I can’t believe you just said that, you fucking moron!” Everybody hears that voice.
Alice: You think?
Emmett: Yeah! Most people just ignore it.
Alice: Really? I just. . .succumb.
Emmett: I like a girl who knows how to succumb.
Alice: Really?
Emmett: Really.

Movie Quote of the Day – Sleeping with Other People, 2015 (dir. Leslye Headland)


Lainey: I guess, I guess I just thought eventually he’d choose me.
Jake: Mmm-hmm.
Lainey: And so I always chose him. When he texted, I’d think of an excuse, I’d lie, I’d get–
Jake: That’s psychotic.
Lainey: Thanks.
Jake: I mean, it’s not your fault. You know. Little girls are told that some day they’re gonna find the one. What they don’t tell you guys is that the one might be a complete fucking dick-head with a boring heroine penis that turns y’all into a sex addict.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Wolfpack, 2015 (dir. Crystal Moselle)


Govinda Angulo: If I didn’t have movies, life would be pretty boring and there wouldn’t be any point to go on, you see? So movies opened up another world.

Movie Quote of the Day – Infinitely Polar Bear, 2015 (dir. Maya Forbes)


Cameron: There’s a semi-private in my apartment building. . .
Maggie: [laughs]
Cameron: What do you say?
Maggie: Oh. My stairwell days are over.
Cameron: You have stairwell days?

Movie Quote of the Day – A Very Murray Christmas, 2015 (dir. Sofia Coppola)


Bill Murray: You’re Elliott.
Elliot: How did you know that?
Bill Murray: I’m the ghost of Christmas present. I’m here to warn you.
Elliot: Well, I’m sorry sir, I’m not in the mood.
Bill Murray: For love. The question is, are you in the mood for a lifetime of regret and loneliness?
Elliot: Please go away.

Movie Quote of the Day – Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List, 2015 (dir. Kristin Hanggi)


Ely: Do you know why I love you?
Naomi: Because of my uncanny ability to wiggle my eyebrows?
Ely: That is fascinating. And also because when I feel like sticking my head in an oven, you pull it out and you put cookies in there instead.

Movie Quote of the Day – Somewhere Only We Know, 2015 (dir. Xu Jinglei)


Shanshan: Look at those two. So handsome, just like two vampires.
Jin Tian: What vampires?
Shanshan: Like in the movies. Haven’t you seen Twilight?

Movie Quote of the Day – Amour fou, 2015 (dir. Jessica Hausner)


Heinrich: It may sound odd, but I am not looking for a partner in life. But rather in death.