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Movie Quote of the Day – A Christmas Melody, 2015 (dir. Mariah Carey)


Danny: You know what? You can make new memories, you can create a new future.
Kristin: That’s the problem. I don’t know where my future’s going. I mean, I thought I did, but look where it got me.
Danny: It got you back to people who care about you.

Precious – A Powerful, Harrowing and Ultimately Uplifting Film

When I first heard the plot of this film – a 16 year-old girl deals with her abusive mother while pregnant with her second child by her own father – I was a little squeamish. When I heard that Mo’Nique gives the performance of a lifetime I was baffled and when I heard that regardless of its harrowing premise you’ll leave the film feeling uplifted, I was skeptical. Ladies and gentlemen, I was wrong.

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