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2014 in Films: A 365 New-To-Me Films Year-End Recap

While I watched less films this year than I have in several years, I saw so many films this year that I truly loved (and a few dogs!). I also watched a lot of television (Hannibal, The Leftovers, Outlander, You’re the Worst, Boardwalk Empire (RIP!), The Knick, Louieblack-ish and Jane The Virgin are all worth your time!) and read 60 books! I also added a new feature to the site: Female Filmmaker Friday. You can read all of those pieces here. After the cut is my list of 365 new-to-me films I watched in 2014 (46 of which were directed by women), as well as a few highlights.

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Movie Quote of the Day – An Unmarried Woman, 1978 (dir. Paul Mazursky)


Erica: You know what I did yesterday? I threw out a whole new jar of blackberry jam. Martin loved blackberry jam. I think the problem was that I didn’t do things as myself, you know? I did things as this Martin & Erica, Martin & Erica. It wasn’t his fault. I liked it.
Saul: Saul & Erica will be different from Martin & Erica.
Erica: You wanna see other women?
Saul: I want you.
Erica: You’re free to.
Saul: I don’t want to.
Erica: Then don’t.
Saul: Do you want to see other men?
Erica: Not today.
Saul: I’m getting a headache.

Joan Crawford, Indies and Docs: March 2014 in Films

March was a pretty good month. I picked up from last month and managed to watch just slightly more than a film a day, so everything feels much more normal. I also saw a lot of great new and rep releases in theaters during the month – and coming up in just over a week is the TCM Film Festival! That’s going to be fabulous, as it always is. I continued with Female Filmmaker Friday, and I hope y’all have been enjoying reading that feature as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I’ve also watch A LOT of Joan Crawford movies. I didn’t make it through all of the ones I brought home from work to watch (still have six more!), but my total for Miss Crawford is now up to 51 movies! I’m gonna do what I can to see the rest by the end of the year. Wish me luck! Anyways, as always, the full list of what I watched is after the cut, as well as a few stand out favorites.


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